Words you should be using in English

Now that you have mastered all the basics of the English language, you can start impressing people around you with some nice-sounding but also beautiful words in your everyday colloquial conversations. Doing so is a double whammy: not only you get to sound more confident while conversing, but you will also learn the more complicated sounding words and how to use them in your exchange.

Intricate: Our first word is intricate. Meaning that something is full of laboured details, mostly in a positive way, intricate is definitely a great word to start using everyday if you would like to describe a lovely shirt full of small, sewed on designs, for example.

Congenial: A word that is not used enough, we believe, congenial is one of those that sounds nice and that also means something quite pleasant. When you tend to find someone pleasant or likeable due to the similar tastes or inclinations you share, you would say that this person is congenial.

Wretched: This is a word that belongs in the negative lexicon, but it’s a great one to use if you’re tired of saying miserable or unhappy. The word wretched can basically help you describe a situation that is of poor quality, and that brings a form of despair and sadness. You can definitely use wretched to describe the weather, which is often used in the UK for its famous rainy skies.

Splendid: Quite the opposite of wretched, splendid is a great, resounding sort of word that boasts positivity and acquiescence. If you want to say that something is rather impressive, magnificent and even glorious or opulent, then you can exclaim that is it splendid.

Forlorn: A lovely word that is as melancholy as it sounds when you pronounce it (much like a sad, small wave), forlorn is one of those words that you hear rarely. But when used right, this word can convey the pitiful sadness and utter misery one can find themselves in. If something is looking that it’s unlikely to succeed, you can say that it’s forlorn.

Ecstatic: Possibly a great opposite of forlorn, ecstatic is a word that expresses extreme and overwhelming happiness, as well as a situation of joyful excitement. Now, if you want to add some British humour in your conversation, ecstatic is the perfect word to use to express your joy when you are trying to sound sarcastic.

There are so many other words that we love, such as gargantuan and egregious and a whole list of others… The English language is full of those delightful sounding words that should be dotted around your conversation to render everything more interesting and, of course, impressive.